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Statement of Internal Control

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1. This statement relates to the Internal controls for Locking Stumps Community Primary School for the 12 months from 1/4/15 to 31/3/16. The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that the school:

keeps proper accounting records during the year which will disclose, with reasonable accuracy and at any time, the financial position of the school, have been drawn up in accordance with the DfE (CFR) guidelines, and will enable it to prepare an annual income and expenditure statement that complies with DfE guidelines
maintains and operates an effective system of internal control to safeguard all the resources delegated, granted or otherwise entrusted to the school and ensure they are used cost effectively

2. The system of internal control has been developed and is coordinated by the Head Teacher. It aims to provide as much assurance as is reasonably possible (not absolute assurance) that assets are safeguarded, transactions are properly authorised and recorded and that material errors or irregularities are either prevented or can be detected promptly

3. Our review of the effectiveness of the systems of internal control is informed by:

our regular scrutiny of financial and other performance monitoring data
regular reports from the Head Teacher and other managers to the Governing Body
the most recent report of the school’s internal auditor dated December 2008
our most recent self-evaluation of the internal controls undertaken March 2011

4. We are, therefore, satisfied that the internal control systems in operation at the school during the year were adequate and effective except for

Budget monitoring reports were not shared with the Finance committee as frequently as in previous years.

5. We propose over the coming year to take the following steps to address the weaknesses noted above.

To ensure that budget monitoring meetings are timetabled more closely to Finance Committee meetings, ensuring that reports are presented to governors at the earliest opportunity

By order of the Governing Body of Locking Stumps Community Primary School

(Signed)_J.Evans              Dated: 18.7.16
(Head Teacher)

(Signed) Penny Haughan    Dated: 18.7.16
(Chair of Governing Body)

(Signed)_C. Burrows        Dated: 19.7.16

(Chair of Finance Committee of the Governing Body)

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