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Our Curriculum


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Topics Maths English MFL PSHE Computing Science
History The Arts Design Technology Music R.E. P.E. Geography

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Our topics bring together other areas of our curriculum, including Science, Geography, History, Art, Design Technology and elements of Religious Education. We have redesigned our topics (With the help of Christine Trevor ) in order that they deliver every aspect of the new National Curriculum (July 2014). Currently our children study a series of topics that follow a two-year rolling programme.

Topic Planning

You can view our Long Term Topic Planning by clicking on the links below. 

KS1 Long Term Planning

LKS2 Long Term Planning

UKS2 Long Term Planning

Each topic focuses on Science, History and Geography as the main driver but then incorporates other elements of the National Curriculum including Music, Design Technology, PE and Art. The topic plan runs on a two-year rolling programme and includes many exciting WOW moments to ensure high engagement levels for all of our children.  At the end of each unit, children present (in many forms) their learning to other children, staff and sometimes parents. A snapshot of our topic lessons and activities can be viewed by looking at our ‘School Life Blog!’  Example Medium Term Plans can be viewed by clicking on the following links

KS1 - Explorers

LKS2- Stone Age to Iron Age

UKS2 - Amazing Americas 

Locking Stumps Community Primary School

Whole School Topic Overview (2 Year Cycle)

Cycle A (2018 -2019)








Colourful Celebrations

Journeys / Traditional stories


Growth and Change

Mini Beasts




Key Stage 1


1 and 2


Where’s my Perfect Home?


Focus: Geography and History


Can I be a king of tiny things?


Focus: Science

Toys Through Time

Who had more fun?


Focus: Science and History


Lower Key Stage 2


3 and 4

Stone Age to Iron Age

Was everything made of stone in the stone age?


Focus: Science, Geography and History

Forces, Light and Sound

Have you got the Power?



Focus: Science


What is a disaster?


Focus: History, Geography and Science

Upper Key Stage 2


5 and 6

Amazing Americas

How have the American plants and animals been influenced by their environment?

If we are descended from apes then why are there still apes?

The Mayans

Why are we learning about the Mayans?


Focus: History, Geography and Science

Healthy Bodies

How can I be a healthy adult?


Focus: Science




Where possbile, Art, DT, Computing and Music will be linked to topic work. RE, PSHE and PE will be taught as discrete subjects, making links were possible

Cycle B (2017-2018)






Ourselves and People who help us


Colour in Autumn

Journeys / Traditional stories



Growth and Change

Mini Beasts




Key Stage 1


1 and 2

Fire, Fire

Who put the fire out?


Focus: Science and Geography


How does your garden grow?


Focus: Science

Local Area

Where has naughty bus been today?

Focus: Geography

Lower Key Stage 2


3 and 4

Ancient Egypt

What did ancient civilisations ever do for us?


Focus: History and Geography


Is it fair?



Focus: Science and Geography

Ancient Greece

How much did the Greeks achieve?

Focus: History, Science and Geography

Upper Key Stage 2


5 and 6


Local History of Warrington

What’s unique about Warrington?


Focus: Geography and History

Anglo Saxons

Could you live like a Saxon?



Focus: History and Geography

Journey to outer space

Is there a beginning and an end?


Focus: Geography and Science


Where possible, Art, DT, Computing and Music will be linked to topic work. RE, PSHE and PE will be taught as discrete subjects, making links were possible



Following the implementation of the Mathematics National Curriculum in 2014, we have adapted our mathematics curriculum accordingly. It introduces our children to an understanding of maths in a variety of ways to make it both meaningful and enjoyable. They are encouraged to use and develop a variety of strategies- both mental and written – and to recognise the importance of maths in our everyday lives.

Children are taught within mixed ability classes with a high level of challenge for each and every child. Children embark upon ‘learning journeys’ through which they are encouraged and supported to achieve the very best that they are capable of.

Maths Long/Medium Term Plans for each year group

FS Maths Long term Plan      Y1 Num Med Plan     Y2 Num Med Plan      Y3 Num Med Plan     Y4 Num Med Plan     Y5 Num Med Plan     Y6 Num Med Plan


At Locking Stumps we encourage our children to develop a love and understanding of language in all its many forms. In English our children follow the structure and schemes of work from the English National Curriculum programmes of study which was implemented from July 2014 . This provides them with opportunities to study and explore a wide range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction. A rigorous programme of phonics (Letters and Sounds / Support for Spelling) is taught throughout the school. There are also opportunities for further guided reading and writing in all our subjects. Children in Year 6, 5, 4, 3 and some children in Year 2 use the 'Reading Plus' program which is having a positive impact on the fluency and comprehension skills of our children.

We place great emphasis on developing the links between reading and writing and our children’s independent writing evolves from quality shared reading texts. We specifically select these quality texts to link in with our topics, thus immersing the children in the themes.

We encourage our children to develop a love of reading and enjoy books with their friends, parents and teachers.

English Long/Medium Term Plans for each year group


MFL – Modern Foreign Languages

All our children learn French. In Key Stage 1 children take part in a number of French lessons that fit into their topic work. During our weekly French lessons our Key Stage 2 children enjoy the opportunity to learn another language. The lessons introduce the basic skills of conversation as well as an ever increasing vocabulary of French words and phrases. They are taught weekly by our Foreign Language Assistant who is a specialist in the subject.

Children are given many opportunities to practise their skills in different contexts – all fun – and, as with all our lessons, catering for a wide range of learning styles.


Our Personal, Social And Health Education (PSHE) programmes reinforce and support parents in preparing their children for growing up. We teach about the nature and value of personal relationships and issues promoting citizenship. Click here to download our long term PSHE Plan.  It is true to say that our fantistic, caring ethos permeates our school - you need to see it to believe it!  Please feel free to arrange a visit. 

Our PSHE lessons take place each fortnight. Each PSHE group has children from Reception to Year 6, providing a valuable opportunity for children from different classes and ages to get together to discuss important issues.

Relevant social issues such as drug awareness, diversity and the importance of a healthy lifestyle become an integral and important part of our children’s learning. Our aim is to develop in our children a positive self-image, confidence and high self-esteem and recognition that our society includes everybody, thus developing an awareness of their own social responsibilities.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has an impact on us all. We strive to equip our children with the skills and knowledge and therefore the capability to maximise the full potential of ICT. This, in turn, enables them to explore, analyse, exchange and present a wide range of information with confidence.

All subjects across the curriculum are enhanced and brought to life by the use of our Interactive Whiteboards, which are present in every class. In terms of hardware, Locking Stumps is a particularly well-equipped school. We are committed to constantly reviewing and updating our resources and skills in order to keep abreast of new developments in an ever-changing technological world. For example our interactive whiteboards are now being replaced by touch screen computers and we have recently purchased a large bank of iPads; these are being used by teachers and children throughout the school and provide us with another avenue to engage and inspire our pupils.  If you have an iPad or similar device, you may want to download some of these Apps that we use to enhance our curriculum.

  • iMovieBook
  • creatorGarage band
  • I Can Animate
  • Pic Collage
  • Kidblog
  • FX studio
  • Dropbox
  • Puppet pals
  • Sock Puppets
  • Morfo
  • Comic Life
  • PoppletNumberlink
  • QR Code Creator
  • Angel BoyBlueprint
  • Cover it Live
  • Skype
  • Beebots
  • Daisy Dino
  • Move The Turtle
  • Kodable
  • Hopscotch
  • Green ScreenMonkey
  • JamAnimation
  • ExpressGreen Screen
  • App Craft
  • Logo Draw
  • I Logo
  • Kodu
  • Line up
  • Skitch
  • You Doodle
  • Cargo Bot


As well as the use of iPads we aim to ensure that the children build up their knowledge and skills to use PC based software. Some of the software that we use includes MS Office, Scratch, Python, MS Photostory, Audacity, Windows Movie Maker and Busythings.co.uk.


In Science (through our Topics) our children are given opportunities to ask questions, to explore and investigate their world, helping them to acquire scientific knowledge, understanding and skills. Their investigations and experiences enable them to plan, predict, hypothesise, observe and measure and draw conclusions. Through science they can experience the challenge and excitement of discovery. The children will also have the opportunity to use ICT for research and the presentation of data. We have a variety of excellent resources within school closely tailored to our curriculum, including an ever growing suite of iPads.


Our children study Geography as part of their Topic work, on an increasing scale of complexity from local to global. They learn about their immediate surroundings, construct simple maps, find out about a contrasting locality from the wider world, learn the basics of British geography, recognise physical features in the landscape and begin to use maps, globes, atlases and ICT resources to develop geographical skills.


It is essential that our children understand and appreciate History in order that they recognise the role the past has to play in shaping the present and the future. The development of historical skills is fundamental to our children’s learning and they build upon these through our Topic work. There is a structured programme throughout the school where learning is encouraged through the use of a wide range of primary and secondary sources. Through studies of significant periods of British history and Ancient civilisations our children develop historical skills and gain a knowledge and understanding of peoples and places of the past along with a chronology of major events and civilisations.


The Arts

As Locking Stumps has twice achieved Artsmark Gold we are firmly committed to providing our children with wide ranging quality experiences in dance, drama, visual and creative arts and music.


Painting, printing, collage, textiles and construction work are amongst the many exciting Art techniques offered to our children. We aim to give them visual and tactile experiences in order to develop their appreciation of the richness and diversity of art and artists, past and present, far and wide. They will learn about the works of artists and artistic styles. They will be introduced to the arts, crafts and designs of such cultures as those of ancient Egypt, Africa, India and the Far East. There are opportunities to work individually, in groups and sometimes on large-scale projects.

Design Technology

Our children’s innate creativity and sensitivity is nurtured and developed to help them to express and communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas. We recognise that our children live in an increasingly technological age and every opportunity is provided to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of Design and Technology.

Our design and technology-based topics stimulate the intellectual, innovative and creative abilities of our children. We foster learning through doing, which provides an excellent basis for enhancing and consolidating work in other areas of the curriculum. Our children develop their design and making skills using materials, tools, techniques and technological components. Through our Topics and a variety of projects our children can produce two dimensional designs and are then able to turn these designs into three-dimensional models, artefacts and products.



During September 2017 we were recognised by Accent Music as being an Ambassador School for Music. We are extremely proud of this award as we feel that we offer a fantastic musical education to all of our children. During Music lessons our children are given wide and varied opportunities to compose and perform music and songs. They learn to listen to, and appreciate, the music of many different composers from other cultures and other times, and to understand many aspects of musical theory. Children also have the opportunity to learn to play musical instruments, such as flute, violin, ‘cello, double bass and the keyboard.

Experts in samba, flute, gospel singing and African drumming teach our key stage two children weekly. Through the course of their time with us they will have enjoyed, and often excelled at, a wide range of musical experiences, as well as demonstrating their skills during termly performances.


Religious Education

Religious Education offers rich experiences with opportunities for our children to develop their own beliefs, values and ideals. We sensitively study and explore world religions and foster a respect for all people, their beliefs, cultures and lifestyles through the Lancashire Scheme of Work (Warrington agreed syllabus). Our assemblies are a shared occasion, a time of collective worship when the school comes together to establish a feeling of oneness. Children whose parents do not wish them to participate in collective worship engage in learning activities appropriate to their needs. Click here to download the RE curriculum. 


Physical Education

We place great importance on our Physical Education programme to help develop fit and healthy children. We have an excellent playing field (for athletics, football, rounders and cricket), a large playground which doubles for an outdoor hard surface facility, two multi-use, all-weather games areas and a large hall/gymnasium with ample modern gymnastic equipment and apparatus. The safety and security of our children is of paramount importance and all the above facilities have been provided with this in mind. We currently use a PE scheme called 'REAL PE' to supplment our PE teaching. It is a scheme which has been welcomed by teachers and children. It takes a wholistic approach to PE and uses PE as a driving force for other areas such as team work and perserverance. Click here to find out more. 

In addition, well-resourced physical education and small games equipment as well as an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, mean that our children will experience many differing opportunities during their time at Locking Stumps.

We currently have a PE apprentice who works alongside staff in their PE lessons as well as leading small organised games in a range of sports at lunch and break times.

In Year 3 and 4 all of our children have the opportunity to learn to swim and are encouraged to enjoy the water and feel safe in it. Our aim is to ensure that all of our children can swim by the time they leave Year 4. 


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