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Physical Education & Sports Funding


Locking Stumps PE and Sports Grant information 2016-17 / 2017-18

The government is providing additional funding of £150 million each year for 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 to improve provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. This funding was double in 2017-2018. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in school. The amount we received for 2016 – 2017 was £9361. For 2017-2018 this is set to rise to £14,966

At Locking Stumps Community Primary school, we pride ourselves on being a happy and healthy place to learn. We’ve developed an action plan to ensure this funding is invested to maximise the long term impact of our PE provision for pupils and staff.

Our Sports’ funding plans (below) show how we invested money in 2016-2017 and some plans for continual investment. We have closely monitored the impact of these initiatives through assessment of children’s skills, staff and pupil feedback, uptake of clubs etc. and continue to do so.


  • One way to evidence the impact of our pupil premium is that we were awarded the AfPE quality mark (distinction) in July 2016. This recognises, through a succinct self-review and evaluation process, the strength and quality of physical education and sport in our school.
  • Teacher’s subject and pedagogical knowledge improved from working alongside more knowledgeable teachers and trainers
  • Teachers have improved resources to help them deliver high quality PE sessions
  • Teachers feel more confident in their ability use the equipment.
  • CPD for sports coach/teachers through PE coordinators courses and LEA.
  • School sports equipment has been improved to a high standard
  • Children can access after school and lunch time sports clubs at no cost.
  • Children are generally more physically active and aware of the need to keep fit.
  • Children are given a wide range of opportunities to participate in both intra and inter-school competition
  • Children are provided opportunities for sports teams and more able children are signposted to enhance their abilities.
  • Children’s skills are improved and love of PE clear: Evidenced through discussion and questionnaire


PE Sport Grant Spending and additional information for 2016-2017




Impact/Proposed Impact

Employment of a PE apprentice in school to work alongside class teachers as well as lead children’s games during lunch and break times


Our PE apprentice spends a significant amount of time preparing for lessons – this includes gathering resources, preparing work areas and consulting with staff. This has a huge impact on the pace of lessons and eases the burden on our teachers. Lessons are well prepared and resourced.

During lessons our PE apprentice plays an integral role in supporting the children and staff. We utilise his expertise in all manner of ways; often to support our more gifted and talented pupils or to assist those with Special Educational Needs. As he has progressed through his NVQ course, and his skills in delivery have improved, he is able to take more responsibility in lessons and is now leading some of our PPA sessions under the supervision of other staff.

One of our apprentice’s other roles includes completing after school-club registers, collecting reply slips and general administration work (such as player of the week certificates and celebrations). This is crucial in helping the PE lead to analyse data termly and tracking attendances at our clubs. It also helps to raise the profile of the clubs by recognising excellent performance and displaying this.

Without our apprentice we would not be able to offer the range of clubs we currently do, nor would we be able to take on the same numbers on our registers. His support, expertise and preparation ensure our children get the best experiences at our clubs and there is little time wasted preparing or tidying away. Our apprentice is also responsible for booking out of school competitions – this is something the staff, and children, at Locking Stumps really value. The time spent preparing letters, organising transport, sorting kits and briefing our children is vital to the smooth running of these events.

During lunch times our apprentice organises and manages number of intra-school competitions. These range from football, netball, handball and basic skills. This promotes, and compliments, our school’s ethos and the hard work our staff do in PE lessons. In the last year alone over 70% of our children took part in one, or several, of such competitions. This has had a huge impact on the number of recorded behaviour incidents at lunchtimes.

Sign up to Local Service agreement with Livewire for training and CPD purposes


The local SLA provides support for our apprentice on a weekly basis. This has ensured assignments are up to date and that he receives the relevant training. It also allows us to access a range of sporting experts and share good practice with these. A number of our staff attended training events, run by the SLA, at no further cost, as aa result of our membership. The membership also gives us access to local inter-school competitions – something that is an integral part of our school curriculum. We also attended three inclusion days, which gave over 25 of our SEND children the chance to experience a range of sports in a competitive context with other children of similar abilities. As part of our membership we have received a block of coaching from the Warrington Wolves team. The Wolves also delivered a whole school assembly based on aspirations. Both these experiences have furthered our links with the community and were clearly enjoyed by our children.

Employment of sports coaches to deliver specialized after school clubs



Attendance levels at the clubs we offer is always high; with attrition rates equally so. The sports grant allows us to offer a wide range of clubs to all our learners, with an expert coach and helps raise the profile of sport in our school. In 2016-17 at least 70% of our learners in KS1 and KS2 attended a club with an average attendance of over 80%. So far, in 2017-18 we have been able to offer a wider range of clubs and are looking at developing more for our younger learners, especially those in our EYFS.

Buy into Active Maths – Maths of the Day resources


In order to promote more cross-curricular links with PE we decided to invest in this resource. Whilst the activities proved to be very popular and great fun for our children it was clear, having evaluated the usage, that we did not get value for money from this investment. This was discussed at a number of meetings, and as a result we do not intend to renew our membership, but we will continue to search for ways to bring PE into the wider curriculum – one such idea is to implement an orienteering course over the next few months. This would be utilised in geography and maths based lessons.

To purchase new equipment to support delivery of curriculum and replace worn/unsuitable items


The school used this monies to purchase a new Rugby kit – previously we had worn our football kit to events but this was not suitable. The kit has been showcased in matches held at the Warrington Wolves stadium where our children also acted as mascots to the teams on the day. Obviously this was an unforgettable experience for all involved and really raised the profile of rugby league at Locking Stumps. Throughout the year we have also been able to buy resources to support our curriculum and refresh old and un-useable items. Part of this money was spent renewing our membership with the AfPE.

Cover supply costs to allow PE coordinator time to review the progress of children, assess impact of sports grant and to further plan based on these findings


By using the grant money to provide cover for our PE co-ordinator we are able to ensure that PE provision at our school remains high on the agenda. This time is integral in ensuring we are able to track progress and monitor standards across the school. It is also used to ensure we can keep up to date with new initiatives, plan CPD accordingly and analyse the impact of previous expenditure for future planning.

Total Expenditure

£10 217

At Locking Stumps we strive to be the best we can be in all areas. Physical Education is held in very high regard by staff, and pupils, alike. Our efforts have been recognised over recent years, having achieved a mark of distinction from the AfPE. We regularly supplement the monies received from the sports grant in order to provide the best experiences we can for our learners; this is something we will continue to do.



PE Sports Grant Expenditure Projection for 2017-18




To continue to invest in the PE apprenticeship scheme


It is imperative we continue to build on the great work our apprentice has done this year. The scheme has been extremely successful at Locking Stumps and is crucial in improving our PE and sports provision.

To buy-in expert coaching for after school clubs


We are always looking to expand on the range of clubs we offer – this money will be used to add more clubs for our children in key stage 1 and EYFS, as well as continuing with our current provision for KS2.

To re-invest in the local SLA


Membership of this scheme has provided many opportunities for our staff and children alike to experience a range of different sports and training sessions. The leadership aspect of this course is an element we, as a school, are currently focusing on. The membership also offers inclusion days for all our SEND children and experience days for other year groups too.

To invest in a leadership programme for learners to teach/coach at lunchtimes


As previously mentioned this is a whole school focus. The scheme will train our children to provide a range of lunchtime activities for our younger learners and go some way to meeting recent government guidelines regarding the 30 minute offer.

To invest in a range of learning resources


We have allocated this in order to refresh our current resources and also buy a new football kit for the school. We are in the process of recouping the cost of this through an innovative sponsorship deal with a local club and charity.

To invest in staff training outside of that provided under our SLA


Our current SLA offers some free access to training and CPD for our staff – it also offers a discounts on other training course and opportunities for our children. This money has been allocated to cover these costs.

To increase the number of children that can swim 25 metres by the time they leave primary school TBC Pupil conversations, parental feedback and data provided by WBC Swimming (Year 4 for current Year 6) shows that 1 in 4 of our year 6 children can not swim 25 metres with confidence. We would like 100% of our children to be able to swim confidently.


Total Expenditure


£14 750




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