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Locking Stumps PE and Sports Grant information

PE Sports Grant Expenditure Report  for 2017-2018

Since 2013, the government has provided additional funding to improve the quality and outcomes in PE and School Sport. This funding was doubled in 2017-2018. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in school.

At Locking Stumps Community Primary school, we pride ourselves on being a happy and healthy place to learn. We’ve developed an action plan to ensure this funding is invested to maximise the long term impact of our PE provision for pupils and staff. Our Sports’ funding plans (below) show how we invested money in 2017-2018 and some plans for continual investment.

We have closely monitored the impact of these initiatives through assessment of children’s skills, staff and pupil feedback, uptake of clubs etc. and continue to do so.

 Impact to date

· One way to evidence the impact of our pupil premium is that we were awarded the AfPE quality mark (distinction) in July 2016. This recognises, through a succinct self-review and evaluation process, the strength and quality of physical education and sport in our school.

· Teacher’s subject and pedagogical knowledge improved from working alongside more knowledgeable teachers and trainers

· Teachers have improved resources to help them deliver high quality PE sessions

· Teachers feel more confident in their ability use the equipment.

· CPD for sports coach/teachers through PE coordinators courses and LEA.

· School sports equipment has been improved to a high standard

· Children can access after school and lunch time sports clubs at no cost.

· Children are generally more physically active and aware of the need to keep fit.

· Children are given a wide range of opportunities to participate in both intra and inter-school competition

· Children are provided opportunities for sports teams and more able children are signposted to enhance their abilities.

· Children’s skills are improved and love of PE clear: Evidenced through discussion and questionnaire

· 75% of children in Year 6 can swim 25 metres confidently (2017-2018 Year 6)


PE Sports Grant Expenditure Report  for 2017-2018





To continue to invest in the PE apprenticeship scheme


Our PE apprentice prepares resources for the lessons so that the teacher can concentrate on the delivery of the lesson. This helped the flow of the lesson meaning less time was spent setting up activities. This resulted in the children having more time participating in their PE lesson.

The PE apprentice provided support in lessons for certain groups of children. If there was a child or group of children who are finding specific skills more challenging, the PE apprentice offers personalised delivery for a longer duration. Similarly the PE apprentice provides further challenge to pupils who are performing to a high standard.  

The profile of school sport has been raised due to the PE apprentice taking a lead on administrative duties, celebrating achievements, advertising for clubs, promoting opportunities and as a result the numbers of children participating in school sport and in particular, intra school competitive activity has increased.

Our PE apprentice assisted and provided further after school clubs. Utilisation of the PE apprentice allowed targeted children to receive planned activities. AS a result there has been an increase to sports provision for KS1 children and for girls. In addition, the apprentice has helped to inspire less active children to become involved in school sport.

To buy-in expert coaching for after school clubs


We offer a range of after school clubs that are led by the teachers of our school. Some however are led by expert, qualified coaches such as football, rugby, tri golf, fencing and rugby. These sessions are well planned, progressive and safe. In 2017-18, over 130 of children in KS2 attended a club. In addition, KS1 children were provided with further opportunities. 100% of children who attended said that they enjoyed their school sport. .

To re-invest in the local SLA


The Service Level Agreement with Live Wire provided support for our apprentice on a weekly basis in the form of guidance, training and mentoring. In addition, school staff attended a number of CPD/network events where recent educational developments are explained and training on different aspects of PE and school sport is delivered. As a result, the quality of of our PE lessons are sustained and in some cases, improved. The membership provides the school with a block of coaching that is delivered by Warrington Wolves for our Y4 children. The SLA organise and facilitate inter-school competitions for a variety of sports and ages giving our children the opportunity to experience competitive sport. They also offer inclusion days for children with SEND. Over 20 of our children with SEND took part in one of these inclusion days.

To invest in leadership programme for children


Children in Year 5 and 6 attended a leadership course during the half term holidays. They then used the skills that they had learnt to lead a competition at lunchtime for children from key stage 1 and lower key stage 2. This was led by Brian Chambers from Warrington Wolves who visited the leaders to monitor their sessions. As a result of this, children felt empowered and confident to deliver sessions. In turn, further opportunities were provided for children in Year 1 and 2.

To invest in a range of learning resources


This money was used to buy a new football kit as some of the previous kit had been misplaced and had been damaged. The children wore the kit on numerous occasions when representing the school at various competitions.AS a result, children felt even more proud to represent their school. This money was also used to refresh old and unusable resources to support our curriculum. To provide more variety to our school sport, we bought an ultimate Frisbee set which was not only utilised during curricular time but during a newly invigorated sports day 2018.

To provide transport for children to attend events


Some events were during school time, therefore there was a need to transport children and teachers to and from events.

To increase the number of children that can swim 25 metres by the time they leave primary school


We are currently in discussion with local swimming providers to offer this.

Total Expenditure



PE Sports Grant Expenditure Projection for 2018-19





To continue to invest in the PE apprenticeship scheme


At Locking Stumps, we value the apprenticeship scheme greatly. We have appointed an extremely capable PE apprentice who will assist in PE lessons, lead after school clubs and be in charge of lunchtime provision. All improving the standards of PE and school sport at our school. In addition, there will be a focus on increasing sports participation for all, in particular girls.

To buy-in expert coaching for after school clubs


We are always looking to expand on the range of clubs we offer – this money will be used to add more clubs for our children in key stage 1 and EYFS, as well as continuing with our current provision for KS2. This year we plan to build on the variety of clubs on offer with more provision earmarked for Key Stage 1.

To re-invest in the local SLA


This membership offers many CPD opportunities for our staff. They hold termly network meetings where new educational developments are explained and each meeting has a specific focus. The SLA provide weekly training for our PE apprentice. This membership also allows us to access the WASSP website which is where we book onto competitions and experience days and a range of extra-curricular and competitive activities for our children.

To ensure that the children who are physically inactive take part in 30 active minutes per day


This money will be spent mostly on resources for sports that may engage children who are physically inactive. Sports such as ultimate Frisbee and tri-golf are more likely to engage children who do not participate in the more traditional sports.

To invest in a range of learning resources


We have allocated this money to refresh our current resources and also buy ‘spare’ PE kits so that if a child forgets their kit for whatever reason, they can still participate in the PE lesson.

To increase the number of children that can swim 25 metres by the time they leave primary school


The data provided by WBC shows that not enough of our children can swim 25m by the time they leave Y6. This money can be used for extra sessions.

 Total Expenditure





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