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The Learning Bubble

Each child has access to their own learning space and class community page along with a range of exciting learning resources. To access these resources as well as other useful things, children need to log into our 'Learning Bubble'. To do this they need to click the 'log in' button on the bottom right of this screen or click the image underneath where it says 'Log into our Learning Bubble. Every child has a username and password. This should be in their homework diary or reading record book. If your child can not find their log in details please speak to Mrs Dell. 

A bit about us

Welcome to Class 11!



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So that time of year has come around again and here we are with sharp pencils and shiny shoes ready to start the school year and what a year it is going to be!

Wiggle those fingers and purse those lips! This year we are pleased to be taking part in flute  lessons. We will have a weekly class on a Friday. You will start taking home your flute later in the term.


Home work changes

There have been a number of changes to homework during the course of this term along with the introduction of Reading Plus so here is some clarification on expectations and the days on which homework is given out and due in.

Spellings: All spelling lists handed out at the start of the half term. Test on Wednesday. Children are expected to write out the list at least 3 times and find 10 additional words.

Numeracy : Given out on a Tuesday due back on a Thursday. Homework will rotate between written work, bubble work (on the internet) or an assertive mentoring question sheet.

Reading: As frequently as possible; at least 3 times a week.

Reading plus: All children have 5 reads and 2 vocabulary challenges to complete during a week. Children will be given two half hours within school to work on this. Any incomplete tasks will be needed to  completed at home     before Monday morning.

Homework projects will pop up through out the year—don’t leave them until the last minute!

PE kits

Make sure that you bring in your PE kit on a Monday and take it home on Friday. Ensure that you bring trainers for outside and pumps for inside.


Click below to see a typical weekly timetable for our class.

Below are some ideas and activities you may want to use to help your child revise their spellings at home:
 Try learning just two spellings a night then practise these for a couple of minutes only.
 Jumble up the letters of each word and see if your child can re-order the letters.
 Research the meaning of each word and see if your child can use them in a sentence.
 Test your child on just a few spellings the evening before their Monday test.
 Use the school learning bubble, there are lots of different games that are designed to support your child’s learning

If any one has any questions or concerns over the year please talk to me! Write me a note or grab me at the door in the morning.

Mrs Dell

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If there are any parents or grandparents out there that can offer an hour or so a week to hear children read would be greatly appreciated. Please speak to me if interested.


Each week you will be sent home with a list of 5 words which follow a particular rule. Your job will be to learn those 5 given words and to write down 10 more words that follow the same spelling pattern. You will do this in your little orange spelling book. The following week you will be tested on the 5 given words and 10 mystery words (chosen by the teacher) that follow that pattern.




Topics this term



Mathematics— Roman Numerals Topic—Keeping Healthy

PE—Multi-skills (please ensure PE kits are in school all week as there may be times we do extra PE or change the days when we go out)

SCHOOL CLUBS  Boys Football starts Friday 5th May for years 4/5 & 6 

Football continuing on Fridays 

Choir Wednesday 

Class enterprise topic—tbc

 Celebration Assembly— 23rd June


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