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  • Home_learning
    17 May 2020
    Updated Timetables
    Dear Parents/Carers, Please find attached the most up to date timetables for the coming week. Have a lovely Sunday.
  • Home_learning
    15 May 2020
    Home Learning
    Dear Parents and Carers, Well done! Another week of home learning done amongst lots of other things. Attached are the timetables for next week. Remember, these are designed to help you. If you need any other support, please give us a call. Please note, White Rose Maths is now subscribed and parents/carers can not have 'free access'. You can now only watch the learning videos. Therefore, all accompanying resources and worksheets will be uploaded onto the Learning Bubble pages for your child. Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week - lots of the activities are geared towards this! This will be the last home learning timetable for this half term. During the half term, we will send some suggested 1/2 Term activities for you to complete if you wish. School will then be open for key workers and the most vulnerable for the first week of half term. However, we are closing the school for week beginning June 1st to enable us to prepare opening for more children on June 8th. I will send some further information about school reopening for more pupils early next week. I will also be sending out an important questionnaire for some parents/carers - please complete this as soon as you can. As stated in previous correspondence, I am currently working with all other primary schools in Warrington and the Local Authority to ensure the safest and most consistent approach for the reopening of our school for more pupils. I am certain you have many questions in relation to this. I am hopeful of providing you with more concrete plans and some answers (which may be subject to change depending on any further government announcements) by Tuesday evening or Wednesday at the latest. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • General
    13 May 2020
    Quick Update
    https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/closure-of-educational-settings-information-for-parents-and-carers Dear Parents and Carers, The link takes you to some advice relating to the government's plans to reopen schools for EYFS, Y1 and Year 6 from the 1st June. As you may be aware, our official half term return is 8th of June so any reopening is likely to be from this point on. We have been in consultation with Warrington Borough Council and all other primary schools about our approach to the plans to reopen. When we have a clear picture about how we are going to implement school reopening, we will communicate this to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, please continue with the amazing job you're all doing. I would like to stress how delighted we are with the engagement levels of our children and families. To reiterate, we understand that all of our situations are different and we all have our own challenges. We all have moments of feeling guilty for not doing enough, or doing too much and as a school we have heard many different stories and scenarios. Lots of failures, lots of successes and lots of progress. Please rest assured, although it is a strong desire for our children to keep learning, our priority and your priority is their safety and well-being. We have heard and respond to the heroes and heroines who are being celebrated nationally. It is clear that the nation is going above and beyond their normal duty to help our current situation. We would like to say well done and thank you to the mums, dads, parents and carers who continue to run a stable home, home school, cook, clean, deal with emotions and in lots of cases, try to fulfil the responsibilities of a job amongst many other things! Remember, we are here to support you in any way that we can so feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Please check out our website for resources that might help and, if you wish, keep track on Twitter. We will send a further update as soon as we have it. Stay safe and remain positive. Inspiring each other everyday. Anything is possible!
  • Important
    10 May 2020
    Government Announcement
    Dear Parents and Carers, I am sure you are aware of the Prime Minister's announcement this evening. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of detail in the announcement. We are due to receive further guidance and as soon as we have it, we will let you know. We will open tomorrow for the same groups of children - our most vulnerable children and the children of key workers. We ask for your patience as we await further, more detailed information. The message is still the same - the safest place for our children is at home and following government guidance. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience during these very unprecedented times.
  • Home_learning
    8 May 2020
    Planning Timetables for Week of 11th May
    Dear Parents and Carers, Please find attached the Timetables for all year groups for next week. Please feel free to use these timetables to help support your child's learning. Remember to send us an email or give us a call if you have any concerns. Please share your learning on Twitter (@Lockiescps) for us all to see or send it to your class teacher via the usual methods. You are doing brilliantly with your home learning! Thank you. There is a government announcement on Sunday. We look forward to finding out if anything is to change for our school and our families. We will of course, as we have always tried to do, keep you up to date with any information. Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the celebrations.
  • Home_learning
    8 May 2020
    School Video
    Dear Parents/Carers, Thanks to those who joined us for our VE Day celebrations in school and for you all who are having your own celebrations and tea parties. Here is a commemorative video produced by the children of Locking Stumps Primary School. Please note, if you have sent in a video of your child for the school anthem and they are not in the video then please send it again to the school phone (via What's app) and we will attempt to add them. Sorry if we missed you off. https://youtu.be/R36sKE1ax64 We will send timetables for you to use next week if you wish but for now, have a superb VE Day celebration in your homes. Thank you for all of the engagement. The Poppy Field is still open if you wish to 'plant' a poppy in the school grounds. Zoom Meetings will start again next week. Year 3 will be at 10 and 11am on Monday - we will send the code in a separate ping on Monday morning.
  • Reminder
    8 May 2020
    VE Day 75th Anniversary
    Good morning, Today marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. We hope you're all enjoying your day and have some exciting activities planned. Please tweet your pictures throughout the day. Please complete the Google form below if you are going to join us at 2pm today and take part in our Tea Party. Any poppies you want to add to our 'Field of Poppies' can be added before 11am - please feel free to take a photograph on your visit. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LrT4Zbprubp3FO1EPT1vkeXcdq_hApgWMJxM1JBkwNE You will need the school telephone number to take part in some of the activities: 07879558385 We hope you enjoy it!
  • Home_learning
    27 April 2020
    Home Learning
    Dear Parents/Carers, Some parents have asked for some further guidance around routines for children. We are also aware of some difficulties with regards to children completing activities and maintaining a structure. As a result, we have provided you with a 'Home Routine checklist' as well as a 'Skills checklist'. They are attached. Feel free to utilise these resources if you wish.
  • Home_learning
    24 April 2020
    Next Week's Timetables
    Dear Parents and Carers, Please find attached timetables for you to utilise next week. We are very happy with the engagement levels of the children this week. Thank you for giving these activities a go and for sharing the learning. Remember, these activities are there for you to use if you need them and to help you continue to make some progress with your children. We appreciate how difficult your job is. This week we have attempted to 'meet' children in Year 6, 5 and 4 through a conference style meeting using software called 'Zoom'. These meetings have been very successful and it has given he children a chance to see each other as well as their teachers. We have had some fun. We are aiming to 'meet' all children through Zoom. We will send a Ping to you individually with codes and passwords to use as well as some guidance on the use of Zoom. It is very easy to use. Guidance will be clear in the Ping. The Timetable for the remaining Year groups: Year 3 - Monday at 10 for Mrs Keen, at 11 for Mrs Price Year 2 - Tuesday at 10 for Mrs Daly, at 11 for Mrs Berry Year 1 Tuesday at 1pm for Miss Thomas and 2pm for Mrs Stewart EYFS on Wednesday at 1pm for Mrs MacDonald and 2pm for Mrs Robinson If we feel happy with the meetings we will then look to implement weekly 30 minute - 1 hour meetings for the children to see their classmates and teachers. We are hoping to have all children access this. So far we have had between 80 and 90% of the children in each class. As we have always said, we are all working together during this challenging time and we are here to support all families. Please contact us if necessary. Thank you for all of the Twitter interactions - if you are not on there, have a look at @Lockiescps - lots of great work. Oh and... we have held a Bingo, a Community Quiz... wait to see what is coming next week! Have a restful weekend everyone.
  • Home_learning
    23 April 2020
    Summer Term Knowledge Organisers
    Dear Parents / Carers, If we were in school, we would be letting you know what your children would be learning in their topics. Despite you being at home, we wanted to share the Summer Term (1) Knowledge Organisers with you. Remember, these are overviews of the topics with some key vocabulary and information. The ones attached cover the Summer Term. Some activities set by teachers on the weekly timetables might link to some of the knowledge organisers. You might also want to use them for some additional learning or research. We are sure your teachers would like to hear about them. These are also available on the curriculum section of our website. Thank you,
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