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Information For Prospective Parents AND Parents New To Reception (Key Stage 1)

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Persuasive Writing

Want to be persuaded to visit? Read these letters written by some of our fantastic Year 6 children -  you can also visit our Writing Wall to learn more! 

Dear Parent/Carer,

As a valued and loved pupil at Locking Stumps I feel it is my obligation to inform you of the fantastic opportunities at this School. Can you afford to miss this opportunity? Having inspirational teachers, allows each child to have and develop their own talents. Whether it may be Maths or English or the Arts – all children are valued here. This letter aims to outline just some of the exceptional opportunities available for your child at Locking Stumps.

Receiving our last Ofsted report, we were judged ‘Good’. Behaviour in our school is outstanding! Standards are exceedingly high at Locking Stumps and our environment continually fosters respect and encouragement, as recognised by Ofsted. This demonstrates that even from Reception, high standards can be developed.

Locking Stumps applies a range of extra-curricular activities; whatever they may be. From tournaments to residential and even school trips! Your child will experience a wide proportion of excitement and education. Having a tournament during school allows children to keep fit and healthy and even make new friends. These are all vitally important to children today.

Furthermore, each and every child has their own chance to shine; regardless of their talent. With a celebration assembly children can show off great work they have been doing or perform a hidden talent. Having tournaments in and out of school gives your child to experience other life skills. As you can see, Locking Stumps is the place to be. From residential and school trips to tournaments and friendships – Locking Stumps has got it all. There is really no question about whether you should entrust your child’s education to us

Yours Sincerely


Dear Parent / Carer,

As a proud member of Locking Stumps, I feel it’s my obligation to explain why it’s vital your child attends this school. Some people would argue that if your child does not attend Locking Stumps School, you are missing out on a huge amount of education! Can you afford to miss out on this exceptional opportunity?

Our standards are very high at Locking Stumps and we do our upmost to ensure every single child is able to reach these standards. Nevertheless, there are times when we need a little extra support in getting there. The school will guide and help to ensure each child receives the right help for them. An example of this support can be seen within intervention groups led by experienced and knowledgeable teachers.

Although we focus on English, Maths and Topic (we have some great lessons) we are also keen to ensure the extra-curricular activities take place each week. For instance, every Wednesday we have an hour of excellent music, led by the talented Mr Evans, and half an hour of singing. We are consistently regarded as exceptional singers in this school. An accolade we are very proud of!

Food is important to us for energy. Naturally, healthy options are imperative for this school. There is a wide range of food provided in the school hall which is aptly called Chomp!

We look forward to welcoming you on a visit.

Many thanks,


Dear Parent / Carer,

Welcome to Locking Stumps. As a valued and loved pupil at this school, I would like to inform you about this wonderful opportunity to become a part of a supportive community. I have only been here for a year but it has been by far the best that I have been to. Can you afford to miss this opportunity?

During 2013 our school was judged as ‘Good’ by Ofsted with ‘outstanding’ for our behaviour; our experienced teachers have maintained this status. The standards are exceedingly high, despite what common schools possess. In September 2015, Locking Stumps received 60 new reception children! We are extremely proud and our friendly staff will continue to enhance this.

Through our work we have earned many awards such as the Gold Artsmark. In addition, our talented group interventions will teach many of our children in the main subjects (Maths, English etc) and hopefully prepare them for when they commence their lives in High School.

In this school pupils are able to choose their level of difficulty by selecting bronze, silver or gold to ensure challenge. Our healthy school food is created by the catering team; it is extremely popular and all children in KS1 receive free school meals. A strict anti-bullying policy is applied throughout all aspects of the school, which we revisit regularly during PSHE and whole school assemblies. PSHE takes place every fortnight and we have the opportunity to work with children from Reception all the way through to Year 6.

Furthermore, Locking Stumps aims to value everybody and many people recommend a visit to the school. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact and visit the office to arrange an appointment – We look forward to seeing you!

A very happy pupil,


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