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Our current PTA was relaunched as 'PETALS' (Parents, Educatees, Teachers At Locking Stumps) - The main aim of PETALS is to encourage closer links between home and school. Throughout the year PETALS will, with the help of the school council and members of our school community hold fund raising events with the hope of raising some additional funds to help make our school an even better place to learn. Currently our PTA are raising funds to help the school create a track around the school field to help improve the fitness and wellbeing of our pupils and community members. 

PETALS Members

Chair Person – TBC
Treasurer – Julie McIntyre
Secretary – TBC

You are very welcome to join our new PTA. If you would like to become involved, please email lockingstumps_primary@warrington.gov.uk 

What have we been up to?

PETALS logo(1)

Click the Image above to see what we have been up to recently (links to the school life blog - PTA tags!). 

Upcoming Events

Thurs 3rd Dec 9am                           PTA parents to discuss badge sales
Mon 7th Dec 2pm                            KS1 Christmas Production
Tues 8th Dec 6pm                            KS1 Christmas Production
Wed 9th Dec 6pm                            KS2 Christmas Production

Thurs10th Dec 2pm                         KS2 Christmas Production
Thurs 10th Dec 6pm                        KS2 Christmas Production

Mon 14th Dec 4pm                          Foundation Christmas Production
Tues 15th Dec 9.30                          Foundation Christmas Production
Mon 22nd Feb                                  Bags2school given out
Thurs 3rd March                              Bags2school collected
Fri 11th March                                  Own Clothes day- egg/chocolate                                                                             donations
Wed 16th March 6.30pm                Bingo Night
Fri 8th July 4-6pm                            School Summer Fair

Minutes of Meetings

Here are the published minutes of all PTA Meetings. Click to download. 

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