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Parent Feedback



We like to collect feedback in a variety of ways: Speak to a class teacher, Speak to a member of the office staff, Send an email, Add to our blogs, Fill in feedback questionnaires, Attend Meetings

We are always keen to find out what you think of our school and we are always looking to improve. 

Please send us an email or call us so that we can try to help lockingstumps_primary@warrington.gov.uk 

Key findings in the recent Survey:

100% say your child is happy in school

100% say your child feels safe in school

100% of you say you would recommend our school

Feedback and how we have responded

You said that there was not enough after school provision for KS1

 We now have more clubs on offer - see the club's list

You said that sometimes children are not able to eat their preferred food. We now have a new system ensuring that all children can choose what they want AND we have reduced the amount of waste! 

You said that there should be more KS1 clubs. We have now set up a Y2 multi skills club on a Tuesday afternoon - there are other clubs too - see after school clubs section - it includes Chess as requested.

You said that you were sending a lot of uniform to charity and it could be reused - We now have a Uniform Swap Shop every half term for you to leave or collect uniform. 

You said that you would like to know if your child was selected to celebrate their work in assemblyWe now send out a celebration assembly slip the week before with your child and also send a text. 

You said that you did know enough about the school uniform and how to order it. We updated our 'uniform page' with as much information as possible. 

You said that you wanted more information about the new curriculm and the End of Year Expectations. We held a parent meeting on Monday 14th September and put the presentation online. We also added an Age Related Expectation Booklet for each year group to our Curriculum section. As well as this we have sent the booklets home and will do so every September.

You said that you really like the text messaging service we use in school - We are using it even more and are considering how to best use it in the future. We have also developed a school app - School Ping which is working well. 

You said that you would like an RSS feed onto our website - We added a 'subscribe' box to allow you to keep up to date with blog entries. 

You said that you wanted to know more about the Learning Bubble - We held a parents' meeting (see feedback below)

You said that you wanted some meetings during the day - we have started to timetable some in with excellent responses! 

You said that it was too congested in the mornings - We have implemented an 'early start'  - you said that you like this and so do the children! 

On the whole, you said (and the children cetainly did) you would not mind a school tie, mainly stating that they would look smart - we now have a school tie and children love them! 

You said that it was a long walk to pick children up from Digital Leaders club especially when it was cold and raining - children are now collected from the hall.

After Choir Practice you said that it was sometimes very busy in the car park - we now close the gates to ensure that it is as safe as possbile.

You said that you can not attend evening meetings and mornings would be better - we now offer a range of morning parent meetings - very well attended too so thank you for this great idea. 

You wanted a Maths Workshop (EYFS) - we have delivered a maths workshop and received some excellent feedback - see feedback form below -  we plan to hold more of these  

A 'Typical Parents' Evening'



A Selection of Individual Parent Quotes

Good evening Mrs Evans and Mr Vermiglio, Hope you are well and having a well earned relaxing evening after a wonderful parents evening!!! Thank you to all your staff and children who made it a wonderful experience. There was a lovely girl called Taylor who was just a pleasure to talk to! Many thanks again to you all, you make parents evening a wonderful (not scary like in my day!) experience!

Mr and Mrs Blizzard

Thank you very much for such a wonderful Halloween Disco - Please pass on my thanks to the staff who have given up their time! 

Mrs Clare

A Lovely school, my daughter is enjoying her time here. 

This school is a credit to all he children, the teachers and staff are fantastic.

Support offered is outstanding, my sons are really happy coming to school and have improved each year.

This is my third child in this school and have been very happy with the progress and understanding for all of them. I believe the teachers understand each child's strengths and weaknesses and help each child on an individual basis. Thank you

 My children love coming to Locking Stumps Primary School and very happy with overall .Would recommend this school to others. 

I am happy that my child comes to this school and do believe she enjoys it very much. I have seen her through the gate now and again and she shouts and waves to me and is still happy when I walk away.

Personally I feel this is the best school in the area. The teachers & staff are very approachable. But most importantly my children come to school happy & come home happy. Always excited to tell of their learnings.

Very happy with all elements of the school. Thank you

Fantastic school with fantastic staff.

This school has helped our boy out a lot. He used to be so shy but they have brought that out of him we very proud of his work and his reading and the school I would say is the best and highly recommend it.

A Selection of Anonymous Quotes from the recent Parent Feedback

Other documents for parents

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